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Available now: The first FEIBP Newsletter in 2017 with the following subjects:


- 59th FEIBP Congress, 6-8 September 2017 in Leipzig (Germany)

- New FEIBP members

- Other upcoming FEIBP activities



59th FEIBP congress, 6 – 8 September 2017, Leipzig (Germany)


After the fantastic congress 2016 in Edinburgh, the next congress will be held in the country of President Thorsten Stollberg, Germany.

The German Verband der Deutschen Pinsel- und Bürstenhersteller e.V. is hosting the event and

a fine and challenging congress is prepared. 

Please go to and visit the congress section to obtain all information on:

·         Congress registration (with interesting discounts for the young entrepeneurs and first-time attendees)

·         Hotel information (how to book, please do note the deadline for reservation: 20 June 2017

·         The congress schedule, with Brush Forum, Working Groups, General sessions and a surprising social programme (Dinner & Drive at Porsche)

·         A great key note speaker Jörg Heynckes on “Innovation in the next 260 weeks”

·         Interesting sponsorship opportunities

·         The 10th (!) Innovation Award Competition

FEIBP welcomes new members

The Edinburgh congress lived up to the expectations of invited UK brushware companies, who already considered membership. 

FEIBP is delighted to have welcomed the following companies 

Brush Technology Ltd., Mr Richard Renwick: Technical Brushware

Charles Bentley & Sons Ltd.: Mr Charles Bentley: Household Brushes & Paintbrushes

DS Commodities Ltd.: Mr Derek Smith: Household Brushes

Gover Horowitz & Blunt Ltd., Matthew Ralph: Supplier Steel Wire and Fibres

Mark Samuel Trading Ltd., Mark Samuel: Supplier Fine Hair 

Above that a first brushware manufacturer from Portugal is now among our ranks: 

Rigo Indústria, Comércio e Representacoes LDA, Mr Samir Rigo: Paintbrushes


 Upcoming FEIBP Activities

2 May 2017: Meeting Working Group Repositioning / Website, Paris

5 May 2017: Working Group PHB Charter, London  (open to PHB registered companies)

18 May 2017: FEIBP board, Leipzig 

Platinum sponsors

Gold sponsors

Silver sponsors

P.O. Box 4076
5004 JB Tilburg
The Netherlands

tel: 00 31 135944 678
fax: 00 31 13 5944 740

P.O. Box 4076
5004 JB Tilburg
The Netherlands

tel: 00 31 135944 678
fax: 00 31 13 5944 740