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The European Commission in working on all fronts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, support national health systems, protect and save lives, and counter the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic with historically unprecedented measures at both national and EU level.

Click here for an update and obtain information on the € 2,4 Trillion Recovery plan for Europe


All around Europe more movement of people and transport with the further lifting of the measures.
It remains a vulnerable situation and discipline of everybody is of the essence.
The virus is absolutely not under control, see the disastrous records of infestations in the Americas, but look at Portugal  where the lockdown regime for certain regions is re-installed.
Leicester (UK) is another warning sign.

Facing the uncertainties it remains necessary for our businesses to keep on advocating that brushware products are to be recognized as essential in certain supply chains, both on national as international level.

A recovery in all sub-sectors is reported upon and good to note that Italy and Spain are coming back, catching up and there is more optimism.


Export markets are still disrupted but the transport flow is gradually improving. 

COVID-19 pushes company strategies, “never waste a good crisis":

  • Searching for other product / market combinations
  • More online marketing lead to unexpected opportunities

Additional facts from the sub-sectors


  • Disrupted import of paintbrushes from outside the EU brought customers back to domestic manufacturers
  • With more private renovation activities and continuing professional activities during the crisis demand for paintbrushes increased
  • With DIY markets re-opened in countries like France and Belgium on top of that there is an unprecedented pressure on the production capacity
  • This is an excellent example of re-shoring but will this development be sustainable after COVID-19?

Household brushes

  • With the re-opening of important sectors such as hotels, restaurants and shops business turns back to normal
  • There are more rules and restrictions for cleaning and more demand for household brushes might be expected

Technical brushes

  • Overall a loss in turnover of minus 10% / minus 15% average, but dramatic figures in Italy, minus 25% until the end of May 2020
  • Big industries such as automotive and steel are re-actived  but the recovery will be very slow and other industries have a long way to go.

Hygiene brushware

  • Order catalogues are gradually expanding, with re-opening of hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops and the tourist sector. Retailers have to take care of stock
  • Business is turning back to normal, especially in the domestic market. Export markets have to recover

Personal care

  • It is expected that COVID-19 leads to an enormous decrease for articles in the beauty and personal care market
  • Hair brushes down minus 20% and distortion fine hair for cosmetics due to export problems

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P.O. Box 4076
5004 JB Tilburg
The Netherlands

tel: 00 31 135944 678
fax: 00 31 13 5944 740