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A record attendance at our Jubilee congress in Bordeaux, all participants enjoyed three tremendous days in sunny Bordeaux.

Very well hosted by the Fédération Francaise de la Brosserie FFB and again many many thanks to Danièle Quemper, Pierre Simler and Jean-Pierre Causero.


A lot of interesting and lively contributions at the general meetings, in-depth discussions at the Working Group meetings and interactive sessions on the future of our industry were part of the business program.

On top of that an excellent Brush Forum and three products showing the innovation power of our industry at the 11th Innovation Award competition.

The social part contained nice and active partner days, the Gourmet boat trip on the Garonne and our tour through the wine area with tasting and dining secured the convivial atmosphere of friendship among the European brushmakers and not to forget our friends from the ABMA.  

Reports and presentations will be available soon at the congress website and the congress participants may expect the congress survey in the short term 

Anniversary Book 60 Years FEIBP congresses

Received with much enthusiasm and gratitude to Suzanna and Andrea Acquaderni for their efforts in this respect.

The book is on sale, costs € 30 per book. 
Orders can be sent to (attention: new e-mail address), the book will be sent with an invoice.



 11th Innovation Award 

A close finish! The result is:

1.  Nespoli Group (EU): “Click & Roll Box 10” 
A storage box for 10 rollers, with an automatic handle release system. No dirty hands and it allows clean working. The box keep the mini rollers moist and ready for use without cleaning them. A time saving and efficient solution. 

2.  Lessmann GmbH (Germany): “Multithread“
The new multi thread is a unique and patented system for a secure fixing of power brushes on W 5/8 inch as well as M14 spindles of power tools.

3. Ebnat AG (Switzerland): Dish Brush „Click“
A new product with a mix of two materials. To save resources Ebnat did create a handle in Swiss beach wood. A simplified design.

Save the dates: 61st FEIBP congress, 26 – 28 September 2018, Lüzern (Switzerland)

Hosted by President Peter Langenegger and Peter Brunner.

 Soon first information will be published


 Fons J.M. Ceelaert,

General Manager

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P.O. Box 4076
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tel: 00 31 135944 678
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P.O. Box 4076
5004 JB Tilburg
The Netherlands

tel: 00 31 135944 678
fax: 00 31 13 5944 740