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A year ago we did meet in Lucerne for the 61st FEIBP congress,

  1.       General observations

A year ago we did meet in Lucerne for the 61st FEIBP congress, not aware of the current priorities

caused by COVID-19. Interaction throughout the congress during the meetings and social events

enabled our federation to embark on a strategy for the future of our federation.

With professor Zita Mazumder and Rudolf Greger as moderators we pressed ourselves to think about

the future of the FEIBP: We asked ourselves how to bridge the gap between the older and younger

generation and what needs to be done to make the congress future proof?

The board continued this process and the aim was to take next steps at the 62nd congress,

that was to be held in September 2020 in Prague. Expanding the FEIBP to Central

Europe and with the objective to attract brushware manufacturers from this EU region to join

the FEIBP.

Since March 2020 however the world changed completely and first concern was to survive

what is now to be known as the first wave. It was necessary to postpone the 62nd congress to 2021.

Interbrush was even postponed to 2022 and especially for the suppliers it has been a big


FEIBP gave regular updates on the impact of COVID-19 and big differences per country and product

Categories were noted. Italy, Spain and France were hit extremely hard in general. The technical

brushware section with outlets to automotive and industry sectors reported on decreasing volumes

up to 25%, where paintbrush demand in the EU was very high due to trade disruptions worldwide.

Reports from the FEIBP membership in the board and the working groups do show a gradual

recovery in all product categories but the COVID-19 second wave is a black cloud and of major


Impossible to predict how the next 6 months will be and nobody knows when life will return

back to normal.

COVID-19 caused no real casualties until now and this proves that the EU brushware industry is

strong and able to cope with unexpected threats.

For some parts of the industry it brings new possibilities and a key question is whether or not  the

European manufacturing industry will have a better market position worldwide and can this

reshoring of production maintained?

FEIBP starts market research with a quarterly survey among the membership and this will be helpful

to monitor developments with a breakdown to the product categories.

No doubt that the year ahead will be interesting and FEIBP continues to share views and



2.        2.       61st FEIBP congress, September 2019 – Lucerne (Switzerland)

Under the helm of President Peter Langenegger and Peter Brunner a splendid congress in the heart

of Switzerland with indeed a very interactive General Assembly. It shows commitment to the FEIBP

and this can be said of the working groups as well. More than ever we are willing to share our views

and opinions on common topics such as developments raw materials and how the make our

products more sustainable. How to work together as industry, research institutes and the suppliers?

The “duo brush for the professional house painter” by Van Dam’s Kwastenfabriek (the netherlands)

and the “V12 Brush Concept” from Wistoba Pinselfabrik (Germany) shared the first prize of a

fantastic 12 th Innovation Award competition

The gala dinner at Park Fitznau was unique and of supreme quality, it was a memorable ending of a

fine congress.

3.      3.         Meetings


·         Lucerne, September 2019

·         Prague, January 2020

·         5 virtual board meetings

Working Groups


·         Lucerne, September 2019

·         2 virtual meetings, June and September 2020

Technical Brushes

·         Lucerne, September 2019

·         2 virtual meetings, May and September 2020

Personal care

·         Lucerne, September 2019

·         1 virtual meeting, October 2020

Paint Brushes

·         Lucerne, September 2019

·         1 virtual meeting, September 2020


4.       4.       FEIBP officers 2021 – 2022

Andrew McIlroy, President

Alessandro Acquaderni, vice-President

Peter Langenegger, Past President

Andrea Acquaderni, treasurer

5.       5.       62nd FEIBP congress, 22 – 25 September 2021, Prague (Czech Republik)

The congress 2020 is postponed and arrangements in Prague have been secured for next year.

President Andrew McIlroy, with the active support of Perlon, takes the FEIBP to Central Europe for a congress in Prague, a step forward in expanding the FEIBP membership to Central European countries.

It will be a congress hosted by the FEIBP as federation.

6.      6.         Closing remarks

 Peter Langenegger stepped down as our President, he served for three consecutive years.

Peter believes in the power of co-operation and the added value of the FEIBP for the European

Brushware industry. Generating new waves in the field of FEIBP future strategy and raising new

topics of common interest. On top of that Peter is a very enjoyable man, good company for us as

FEIBP members.

It was an honor to work with Peter and this will continue he remains FEIBP officer as Past


Congratulations to Andrew Mclroy who will leading us the next two years.


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tel: 00 31 135944 678
fax: 00 31 13 5944 740