Why Brushes

7.00 WAKE UP

Your feet on the wooden floor that only a few years ago were processed by a roller brush in order to give you the unique feeling...from the first steps in the morning.


You experience the fragrance of the brioche that was perfectly prepared yesterday by your bakery's very clean oven...(brushes are used for conveyor belts and chains cleaning, suction chimneys cleaning, ...).


This is your time, you brush your teeth with a precisely manufactured tooth brush and you do the make up. Sometimes sh*t happens, luckily toilet brushes are designed for this dirty job. A bit of makeup with a makeup brush, and then a mascara brush it’s a must have in your bathroom and in your purse as well...just in case...


As soon as you jump in your car and you turn it on you feel overwhelmed by the amount of mechanics and technology inside it. What you probably don’t know is that almost every piece of your vehicle was touched by a brush (wheel rim deburring, profiles deburring, motor head deburring, camshaft holes deburring, printed circuits cleaning, windows radiusing, …)


Finally you arrive in your office and you smell something different, fresh paint applied just yesterday by a nice classic paintbrush in order to give to the office wall the peculiar irregular painting that adds value to your working environment.

It also fits perfectly with your fresh floor made of large stoneware tiles (brushed in order to give the beautiful antique finishing it has) that merge with the full height windows (touched by a roller brush in it’s manufacturing process) and it’s satined and brushed (again) aluminium profiles.


Finally the long awaited lunch time! Today the facility canteen offers hamburger and french fries. You thank the colleague for the serving and before turning to go to the table you see him cleaning the grill with a stainless steel scratch brush. After this juicy meal a fresh peach is just perfect, but why is this fruit so clean? Artificial? No, delicately brushed after it’s harvesting.


Every day same way back home but finally they decided to repair those cracks in the asphalt. Watching closer you realise that they are using wheel brushes to clean the cracks...


You finally arrive home and your beloved husband welcomes you and cleans your leather shoes with a new product he just bought and a brush of course. Then he will clean the house with a new adjustable broom.

20.00 DINNER

Eating a homemade meal with family is priceless...for cleaning dishes afterward there are brushes...brushes for dish cleaning. And while putting the leftovers in the fridge you don’t know that even the thinnest aluminium sheet you cover your food with was laminated also by a huge roller brush.


A glass of your favourite wine sitting in your comfortable sofa in front of a beautiful fireplace...perfectly cleaned once a year with a chimney brush of course!

22.30 SHOWER

Again oral hygiene with toothbrush and interdental brush. Finally indulge yourself a long and relaxing shower and massage your shoulders with a shower brush.

23.00 BED

After this intense day a nice sleep is what you need to recover and start a new day tomorrow. Nothing is better than a soft brushed cotton sheet (brushed or “combed” because industrial engineered brushes are used to brush and smooth down cotton fabric during its manufacturing process)...Have a nice sleep and..Thank you brushes!!!