1. FEIBP is the representative EU federation in the field of Brushware manufacturing
2. FEIBP strives to share opinions and define unified aims and objectives
3. Membership adds to the strength and visibility of the brushware industry as a whole
4. A strong FEIPB is able to promote and defend the need for the EU manufacturing industry
5. Active PR stipulating that quality, co-makership and JIT are drivers for our industry
6. Hygiene brushware: Become registered under the PHB Charter and stand for quality
7. A platform for exchanging of views:

• The annual FEIBP congress
• Board meetings
• General Assemblies
• Working Groups Hygiene Brushware and Technical Brushware
• Internet website www.eurobrush.com
• FEIBP Newsletters
• Partner of the USA sister federation ABMA

8. Active participation into InterBrush
9. FEIBP as lobby instrument
• EU legislation and regulation: Monitoring and lobby
• Contacts with European Commission, DG Sanco, DG Trade, DG Enterprise
10. FEIBP follows developments in the field of statistics and standards
And: Membership opens doors for professional contacts with colleagues and suppliers