At the 63rd FEIBP congress, held two weeks ago in Belfast, Andrew McIlroy (Germany, Perlon) stepped down as President having served for three years.
The FEIBP is most grateful for the great efforts Andrew made for our federation.

The newly elected President is Alessandro Acquaderni, after his father Andrea the second Acquaderni to become FEIBP President.
Alessandro will be supported by the new vice President Simon Lorillière (France, Brosserie Brenet) and the FEIBP board.

Alessandro said to be honored to start serving as President and is looking forward to work alongside industry leaders and experts to uphold the rich heritage of brushes and drive innovation, sustainability, and excellence in our field. 
Together, we can shape a brighter future for the brush industry across Europe and beyond.

Alessandro invites every member to take active part into the future of FEIBP and the brush industry starting with the active participation to the World Brush Expo in May 2024 in Bologna and to the meeting opportunities across our industry, like the ABMA meeting in March 2024 and the 64th FEIBP congress in Ibiza 2024.

On a mere philosophic approach Alessandro stated: "Here in Belfast we started a journey across 3 congresses where we analyze the concept recalled by John Donne's poem of "no man is an island" under 3 different lenses in progress: individual loneliness (no leader is an island), company leadership (no company is an island), and federation/association success (no federation is an island). After Belfast, the preparation for Ibiza 2024 already started with great success as people are willing to keep walking the path that we have just started, together..."

The opportunity to register for Ibiza 2024 starts this week, all the FEIBP members will be informed.