Hello Fabulous FEIBP Family!

Ready to take a step back in time to the colorful, free-spirited 60s? Only 9 months left to this 2024 congress and this email is all about embracing the Hippie Culture that has left a vibrant mark on the beautiful island of Ibiza!

Ibiza's Hippie Heritage 

Ibiza's history is rich with stories of freedom, creativity, and peace-loving hippies who found refuge on this enchanting island in the 1960s. This movement significantly shaped the island's culture, bringing an explosion of art, music, and a unique lifestyle that still thrives today.

Special Friday Night: Flower Power-Brush Night! 

In true Ibiza style, we're throwing a Flower Power-Brush Night on Friday! The dress code? Hippie/Ad-Lib – think tie-dye, flower crowns, bell bottoms, and peace signs. It's time to channel your inner John Lennon or Janis Joplin!

Saturday Morning: Trip to Las Dalias 

Don't miss our optional (but highly recommended!) Saturday morning tour to the Las Dalias Hippie Market in Sant Eulalia. It's a hub of all things bohemian – handmade crafts, unique clothing, and an authentic hippie vibe.

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 Special Rate Alert! 

Great news! We've negotiated with the hotel to extend the special "64th CONGRESS FEIBP" rate until the end of February. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Get Ready to Groove! 

Start gathering your best hippie attire and get ready to immerse yourself in an era of peace, love, and fantastic brushes! We can't wait to see your groovy outfits and share this incredible journey back in time.

Peace, Love, and Brushes,

Alessandro Acquaderni
FEIBP President

P.S. Remember, being a hippie is more than just a fashion statement – it's a state of mind!